Newest Lightroom Update

I reviewed a video on some of the new features for the recent update of Lightroom.  Some interesting additions and the re-positioning of some of the options that were sort of buried. Most of the updates were on the subject of Presets. I played with several and worked on the following shots I took awhile back at Bartlett Lake.  Not sure if I would use them in the future but the Presets seem to give you some interesting looks. These where the sets that were supplied by Adobe.


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Sunrise Revisited

This sunrise was from early January. I went back to play with it a bit in lightroom. Settings were 28 mm,100 ISO, f/5, 1/60 of a second. I thought the foreground would be interesting to see versus a silhouette._HSC4985-4 copy-signed

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More Wide Angle Lens

These shots were taken in the McDowell Mountain range here in Scottsdale. I used the Tokina 16-28 lens here also. This is a great lens and probably comparable to the Nikon in sharpness. The only negative is that you can not put a protective lens filter on it. So you must be a bit careful with it when your out shooting.



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Wide Angle Lens

During my trip to Sedona this week, I used my 16-28 mm Tokina 2.8 lens most of the time. I wanted to try to get the foreground in focus as well as to the mountains in the distance. Two of the three shots were at f/11 and one was at f/16.  Whenever, I am shooting hand held, I set my ISO to auto. The range of the ISO was 110-200. Shutter speed was around 1/100 of a second for all.  The shots and the foreground are not too pretty but I think the experiment went well. Overall it felt great to get out there and take some in the field photos.


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Cropping Question

Here are two photos of the wild horses at the Salt River. My question is one is cropped very close and the other is not. Just curious what my photo friends preference might be?


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Lens Filter

I had good intentions this morning to drive a bit north to see if I could catch some snow on the far mountains. I did not want to go too far since I had some commitments later today. Traveled a bit and guess what?  No snow on the mountains in central Arizona. Only in the northern part of the state. They got around a foot of snow in Flagstaff. Traffic was heavy, it seems all the skiers were on their way north.

In any event, in preparing for this mornings trip, I was checking my gear and found my lens filter on my 28-300 lens was shattered. No apparent damage to the cap so a bit confused on how this could have happened. It was stored in my camera bag in my trunk and nothing fell on it or anything like that. In addition, I cannot remove it from the lens. I will need to visit a repair shop here in town next week. Very confusing.




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Glacier Calving

These two shots are from our Alaska trip last summer. At the end of the glacier the falling ice is called calving. You will notice that one shot catches the ice in mid-air and the other when it enters the water. If you are close enough to the glacier you can hear the noise of it breaking and crashing into the water. It was a unique experience. It is hard to tell from the shots but the height of the glacier is at least 300 feet. Very difficult to get a sense of size but it is truly gigantic.

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